Saturday, November 24, 2007

Napoleonic Spanish battalion

This unit represents an anonymous Spanish battalion in the south of Spain during the Peninsular War. Figures used are the inimitable AB. Mind you the particular figs are sold as Portuguese; however, the uniform was similar enough for me to use them to build a Spanish unit.Inspiration was provided by the third Osprey on the Spanish. The unit is built with Dave Brown's General de Brigade rules in mind.


Hello to all my fellow wargamers around the globe. Being a fashion victim myself I have decided to cave in and start a blog :-). I hail from Northern Greece and in particular the city of Thessaloniki. I have been involved in the hobby of wargaming since 2001. I picked the bug while studying at uni in the UK. I am very susceptible to new projects/periods/figures etc. so this blog will feature all sort of weird and wonderful toys :-) My main period is 15mm Napoleonics but lately I have been afflicted with a weird predilection towards GW products. In any case, welcome everyone and I hope to make this a fun place to visit with lots of eye candy. Make yourselves comfortable lads...